Thursday, 17 August 2017

BFF Family

Welcome to my blog! today we are playing the BFF household, hopefully they won't burn to death like a certain someone...
From left to right: liberty lee Kaleb lee Travis Scott Waylon holiday summer holiday

When we start our games it's just Travis liberty and summer but after about 13 simdays there are two more Sims, I also see that liberty and summer are pregnant...yay
here we see summer is ecstatic after quitting her job!
Liberty on the other hand...not so much

BFF Residence
Now the user librarian left a comment saying I should take pictures so I will, everyone is free to make a suggestion btw I recommend you check out her blog called new Maximiliana it is great and it has inspired me!



Nursery (the room which liberty and Kaleb were in)
Garden (I suppose this is the dining area as there is actual table and chairs out here)

Kitchen/Dining/Living room

I still feel like giving makeovers to the sims so here are the pics:

Summer Holiday (in Britain we're having summer holidays now XD)
Kaleb Lee
Waylon Holiday
Travis Scott
Liberty Lee

Looking at the family trees I see that Travis has a son called beckham Villarreal so it'll be a while until we meet him unless we're able to invite him over, because of random pregnancies half of the town is on the same family tree now!
I was also thinking why not make Travis a bigamist? you know marry summer and liberty at the same time? hmm I'm considering...
liberty cooking grilled cheese for brekkie

Oh no Waylon  rejected a hug from Kaleb

Summer playing on her iPad
Travis watching Telly

liberty looks like a lovely mother!

Waylon just bit Travis!
toddlers sleeping :-)
doing the usual
Harold holiday being born
as well as larry lee!
aww he looks so cute!
of course she needs a wee
here she hires the nanny
Travis must hate his life
the nanny didn't know what she signed up too...
she was meant to take care of both babies! not one!
for getting Harold taken away she gets killed
everybody is shocked!
I thought jesminder died a few simdays ago?!
here summer flirts with grim reaper (I made her do it)
Gunther munch (Larry's dad)
luckily summer extinguished him
and we end with liberty and Larry's heads touching >-<
I only played basically half a week thanks to Salim's death but it was certainly an eventful time I had playing them, I tried getting Salim's urn but since his apartment was occupied I couldn't
what will happen  next time we visit this family? will the children be adults? will any of them learn to stop getting pregnant?
Keep  reading for more eventful weeks!


  1. v gud ifind it funny how u killed that nanny for horrible deed lel

  2. What a difference to how I remember the same household from my game! I don't know whether you've seen it yet:
    By the way, in my game they are called "BBF", not "BFF". Maybe this changed after the base game, I only have that one, no expansion packs for TS4.

    1. hmm it must have changed! and yes I did read your version of the "bbf" household I liked it a lot, I try to update this blog as much as I can and that means there will be another base game family (hopefully)in a few days, when are you uploading the original gavigan family?

    2. Still playing the original Gavigans; it won't be until some time next week.

  3. Bheeda's are being played now so expect them soon