Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Behr Family

Welcome to my blog, I will post sims 4 posts on here on you can expect to find sims 2 and sims 3 blogs later. Anyway this blog will basically be playing all sims 4 households until they die out,i have an extreme violence mod which I might use and a mod called MC command center which I might use later, now lets start!
This is candy and  yuki Behr, yuki is a teen who dreams of being a computer whiz and her traits are loner and geek, her sister candy however aspires to be a friend of the world and her traits are music lover, outgoing and cheerful.
Straight after I clicked play I sent yuki to practise programming and candy went to play blicblock (I think?)
Then candy went to DJ and somehow she earned money XD oh well that's 29 more cash for the Behr's
Then the welcome wagon consisted of the partihaus household basically as all the residents (Eva capricossa,Paolo Rocca, Marcus flex and jade Rosa were here but I didn't see jade until the end ...)
Yuki was being the typical loser staying away from the crowd that's ok though just means more friends for candy!
Candy then started to cook pan de muerto (weird name)
AHH! looks like Paolo got so hungry that he ate Marcus lol
Candy was eating by herself for about an hour until finally...
Eva and Paolo joined her!
Here is the Behr family home who they apparently inherited from grandma Behr (according to the family bio) Oh their clothing! first candy:
Now Yuki:
Swimwear (forgot to do party :/)
OH, Makeovers Coming Up! First Candy:
Candy's New Everyday

Now Yuki:
 Athletic Must have forgotten to take pic of formal
Phew that's enough CAS pics now back to the eventful lives...
having a no privacy mod means that candy can watch her sister have a wee
before school yuki decides to play mysims go!
candy reads I book...(can't remember this tbh)
candy and yuki doing the usual AKA:being lazy tramps
yuki eating dirty leftovers (salmonella must be common in the Behr house...)
 yuki does chores
 then goes to bed (she must have been wrecked!)
candy wants to introduce herself to 10 sims so I send her to the hare and the hedgehog
 first she meets caleb vatore i find it quite strange how
 here is (left to right) Caleb vatore , Eliza pancakes , Marcus flex , Clara bjergsen
 candy meets Katrina caliente
 here lily Feng and Bjorn (Clara's husband) join in
then mother of three Mila munch joins
 Nancy Landgraab and a random lady called Sonia Mayes
 yuki eats rotten mac and cheese...yuck
 candy also eats rotten mac and cheese...that's vile
 aww sleep tight yuki
 you too...candy bar XD
 candy was asked to go to geekcon (Marcus flex invited her) and umm...
Mortimer goth is the mental looking guy
in a close up I realize that maaike haas faces is...well looks like a mouse XD
candy threw a party and here you can see Mortimer goth Eliza pancakes Katrina caliente and Marcus flex here
for once it's candy who plays on the computer and yuki stares into space...
candy tries to cook but well listen candy not only will your food be damaged but your pan will too
yuki walking to bed.
phew my first post is finally done! this took about three hours and well I'm excited to do this again! will candy and yuki be more exciting next time? i know that yuki will age up next round oh yes did i mention that for EVERY household I will play a week and after I do ALL the households for a week then it'll be round two I'm guessing I'll only get up to the letter d by Christmas goodbye and thanks for reading! 


  1. Hello! You are indeed going to be busy :-)
    Nice blog! As I only have the TS4 base game, I don't know most of the Sims you are shwoing here, but it will be interesting to "meet" them through your blog.

    1. I'll be at the base game households soon enough :-) are you going to keep reading?

  2. Hi very gud i like much pls continue