Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Benali Family

My second post on blogger! this time it's the...Salim Benali's Week!
here he is he is an aspiring writer and he lives in a rundown apartment his traits are bookworm lazy and creative ,
is that used for getting high?
well maybe it'll help him write a book
here is his cramped bathroom
living room/kitchen/dining room
sleep tight don't let the roaches bite!
well as you can see his needs are always red -_- but he's trying to cook
he pays his bills in the bathroom
 sitting on the toilet

his promotion poop
he's cooking pancakes....I think
playing a game so he can do something
that toilet must love it when he's at work because half the time he's at home he's on the toilet!
Find the rat!
say hello to the landlord and bye to this horrible flat because Salim is moving
don't look sad because no rats here and you'll have neighbours in fact I think we're playing them next they are the bheeda's !
here is salim waiting at the door while Leonardo bheeda  cries at the wall....normal kid
here's arun
watching the telly while his kids act crazy!

here is the three other kids, forgot the kids names but the toddler called Kiley

Arun and Salim talk...yeah

Oh no Salim missed the welcome wagon so Blakely Green Jesminder Bheeda Arun Bheeda and Raj Rasoya waste their time :-(
I don't know why I take pictures of him sleeping
Salim was cooking when suddenly the stove was on fire!

But of course if your a normal person you just eat while your kitchens burning...
 he then caught fire...
it kept spreading...

He unfortunately perished :-( but who else perished?
 It was Jesminder! which means one less person to play in the Bheeda household :-(
2 deaths already in the second week! will we have less deaths? or will deaths increase? keep reading to find out!


  1. Please keep posting photos of the flats/houses etc., I always like to see how other Sims players furnish and decorate their places.
    Poor Salim, but already one household less! Of course deaths will increase - that is nature's way!

    1. Thank you for reading! Might be a new post tomorrow but not sure,with a mod called MC command centre it makes sims have autonomous pregnancies so the town will stay alive...